Those working in the cultural heritage sector are asked to look out for items recently reported looted from Egypt's Malawe (Malawi) Museum,
also known as Malawi Monuments Museum, Malawi Antiquities (Archaeological) Museum and Museum of Malawi.
The museum housed collections from sites such as Tuna al-Gebel and Hermopolis.

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On 15th August over 1000 items were taken from the Museum, in Al-Minya, in Upper Egypt, and other items were broken and damaged.
The Ministry of Antiquities issued a statement, reported by Jill Reilly for the Daily Mail On-Line and others, in which the Minister of State of Antiquities
Mohamed Ibrahimis reported to have said: 'It is a great loss and I am really saddened by what has happened to such a museum'.
Egypt Independent reported (18.8.2013) that the minister has "stressed that no archaeological site had been exposed to attacks, except for the Museum of Malawi which was attacked on Wednesday when unknown assailants robbed, burnt and smashed its contents".

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