nav shield 1 The United Nations Securtiy Council has adopted a resolution which, among other things, calls for a ban on trade in cultural materials illegaly removed from Syria. 

Resolution 2199

A new generation of Monuments Men is called to attention by the US Army.
As Helen Stoilas states in The Art Newspaper: "Curators, art historians and museum directors [are] sought to provide expert advice in combat zones"

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Germany Under Allied Occupation BU8582
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More than 250 leading academics and experts have signed an open letter calling on the UN to ban the trade of Syrian artefacts.
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Syria 156 Palmyra Temple of Bel
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Logo ICOM Illicit trafficking in works of art and cultural property has become a serious business over the past decades.
The International Council on Museums (ICOM) helps to bring this serious issue to light through the ICOM International Observatory on Illicit Traffic in Cultural Goods.
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nav shield Blue Shield is appalled by the great suffering and loss of life in the current fighting in Iraq and expresses great concern about the safety of Iraq's invaluable cultural and historical heritage. 
Blue Shield urges all armed combatants to observe the international laws that protect cultural heritage and to act responsibly, safeguarding the testimony of Iraq's unique history for the enrichment of future generations.