The Association of National Committees of the Blue Shield was founded in 2008 with the purpose of coordinating and strengthening international efforts to protect cultural property at risk of destruction during armed conflicts or natural disasters.

ANCBS serves as the communication centre, archive and resource base for the ICBS and the Blue Shield national committees. It facilitates communication between all levels of the Blue Shield Network in a systematic way.

Furthermore ANCBS

  • Provides a permanent postal address for ICBS and the ANCBS
  • Promotes awareness raising, capacity building, preparedness, response and recovery at national and international level
  • Promotes awareness of issues to decision makers and potential funders at all levels
  • Facilitates creation of national networks in areas where BS committees do not yet exist
  • Promotes bilateral and multilateral assistance systems between committees and emerging committees
  • Coordinates and disseminate information on international actions
  • Sets up a website containing access points to relevant databases (training, resources, specialists, conferences) with interactive links to other databases
  • Promotes Blue Shield brand by re-labelling projects wherever possible
  • Undertakes fundraising to sustain the costs of the secretariat and to make funds available for agreed projects
  • Supports proactively ICBS and national BS committees in their activities
  • Assists ICBS in fulfilling its role under the Second Protocol
  • Promotes training for peacekeeping and other forces
  • Identifies 'champions' and other key supporters / influencers at international level who can be approached in a coordinated fashion by ICBS/ANCBS
  • Supports together with ICBS the creation of database of specialists who could be authorized by UNESCO and combatants.

The ANCBS board is comprised of representatives of the national committees and observers of the ICBS.

Read the ANCBS press release