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2nd Open call for First Aid to Documentary Heritage under Threat!
The Prince Claus fund, through its Cultural Emergency Response (CER) programme and the Whiting Foundation announce a second round of the Open Call for First Aid to Documentary Heritage under Threat. They
invite proposals for projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean to safeguard documentary heritage that is acutely threatened by recent conflict or other disaster, whether natural or man-made.

The CER acknowledges with these projects that written records are sometimes the only form in wich the past survives. "Whether they are in monasteries, private libraries or forgotten tombs, they are objects of historical importance and deep local meaning. They are also especially fragile, susceptible to fire, insects, water and humidity – and are sometimes singled out for deliberate destruction by those afraid of their symbolic power. When there is an earthquake, a flood, or an armed attack, the heritage may be lost forever".

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carbica logoWorkingconference: 30 July - 3 August 2018 on St. Maarten

CARBICA ( Caribbean Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives) working with the International Council on Archives will co-host a working conference in Sint Maarten this summer to bring together a broad array of experts in the field of disaster mitigation.

The theme of the conference aims to bridge the gap between civil authorities and cultural stewards to place heritage preservation squarely in the forefront of both planning and practice.
Members of CARBICA will share their own experiences; international experts will provide practical planning & response techniques; regional agencies will discuss policy and practice.

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nav shield 1 We are happy to welcome our colleagues from Lebanon into the Blue Shield network of national committees

Earlier this month members of the Blue Shield board attended the launching ceremony of the Lebanese committee for the blue shield.
We congratulate Joanne Farchakh, Naim Ziade and all the other members of BS Lebanon!

launch BS Lebanon
Photo by Naim Ziade [February 2018]

Over the years organisations and peoples have come to recognize the link between te destruction of cultural heritage and terrorism and mass atrocities.

There is a new initiative to give a voice to these thoughts: : The J. Paul Getty Trust Occasional Papers in Cultural Heritage Policy. The first paper, “Cultural Cleansing and Mass Atrocities,” addresses the threats to cultural heritage in armed conflict zones and the connection between the destruction of cultural heritage, cultural cleansing, and mass atrocities.

occasionalpapers 1 cover 450 400x572

The first in a new series, the J. Paul Getty Trust Occasional Papers in Cultural Heritage Policy: Cultural Cleansing and Mass Atrocities: Protecting Cultural Heritage in Armed Conflict Zones
from Getty Publications (PDF, 50pp., 439KB)


nav shield ICCROM news
"Armed conflicts and natural disasters causing deliberate or collateral damage to cultural heritage are more prominent than ever.

To help strengthen efforts to save collections from imminent threats, ICCROM and UNESCO joined forces last year to produce  Endangered Heritage: Emergency Evacuation of Heritage Collections"

This practical handbook is now also available in Arabic (free download).

nav shield Protecting heritage to restore national identity

Member of the Blue Shield expert Network Faisal Jeber on the destruction and protection of cultural heritage in his hometown of Mosul.

Read his story here

Great Alnuri Mosque Alnuri after liberation
Grand mosque of al-Nuri                            Grand mosque after liberation

nav shield  New board Blue Shield
The Blue Shield network has elected a new board on last week's General Assembly in Vienna.
Meet them!

10.12.22 Karl Habsburg 300x200             nancy wilkie
Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen                   Nancy Wilkie

  17 01502       manana   Peter Stone for website 200x300    

Bae Kidong                  Manana Tevzadze            Peter Stone 


nav shield Blue Shield Guatamala 

Blue Shield Guatamala has worked together with the International Council on Museums to organise a course on heritage protection in times of crises.
This training took place in El Salvador and will travel through to Costa Rica and Perú!

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nav shield Escudo Azul Argentina

Blue Shield Argentina is proud to present the book "Blue Shields in Argentina".This publication contains all the work Argentina is doing to protect its cultural property in case of armed conflict.

Next to this book it also draws attention to the blue shield television series Motivados por la Historia.
Watch part 1 here 


Escudos Azules en Argentina

Photo Lucina Micha - Ministerios de Defensa, de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto, de Educación y Deportes y de Cultura.


nav shield  Support Blue Shield Belgium in their effort to fight illicit trafficking of arts and sign the petition against abolishing the ‘Art & Antiques’ section of the Federal Judicial Police.
Please read and sign their petition here 

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